Suede/Brett Anderson

The Return of the Wild Ones: Suede Live 2011@ Taipei

Suede Live in Taipei 2011

TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall

August 5, 2011

Before the show, I didn’t expect too much about it though I knew it should be very pleasant.  It is anticipated the concert would pick up more songs from Coming Up and Head Music as the albums were well received here.  However, what is not anticipated is the audience—more than twice of the crowd in 2003, primarily local audience who might be in high school or college when they were first drawn by Suede.  At the section really far from the stage, people still waved feverishly and sang loudly, and there were lots of them jumping so the floor was slightly shaking throughout the show.  The wild audience must have moved the frontman of the band in a certain way that he sincerely thanked the crowd and went down from the stage to shake hands with people in the front row.  When the show was over, many were still lingering in front of the entrance and taking shots of the concert banner.  Everyone talked cheerfully about the show, marveling at Brett’s energy.

Almost eight years after the band’s split, Suede’s reunion tour seems like a miracle to the fans.  Enthusiasm grows strong when the hope for their return has long been discarded.  As their classics recall memories about the band and the audience’s life intertwined with the songs, the reception can be more intense.  A mixture of feelings comes along with reminiscence, but the greatest comfort is that they look well and are doing well.  In a changing world it is grateful to find something remains: every note and every beat of their songs is still enticing; every move of the band members still catchy.

Although the public response provides a good reason for Suede to start over, it remains a question whether they will release any new tracks.  The band needs to give a good thought to what Suede means to them and what is worth releasing with that name again.  To relaunch a band with a glorious past is challenging, but it is still a worth try.   When the band can finally get away from the talks about appearance and sexuality, it is actually a good time to reintroduce Suede as a rock band and to receive more critical attention from their contemporaries and younger generations as well.  There is no way to foresee an untrodden path, but surely they will get on the road in the company of many wild ones. And of course, the best ending for this blog post will be Suede’s “Wild Ones."



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