Suede/Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson, 《Live at Koko》

Seriously, I am really not intended to make this blog as a fan blog for Mr. Brett Anderson.  However, I don’t mind being labeled as a fan of him, as this is true and there is no reason to deny it.  When the release of this live CD was announced, I was really surprised but also thankful for it.  After all, for a person who was intended to go to Manchester (yet Koko is in London) but could not make it, this live recording at Koko is unexpected and sort of “too good to be true”–no one can foresee you can catch up a gig you miss in this way.  And the night was incredible.  As I listen to these tracks, I can still sense the glamour of the night.  The singer and the band were 100% attentive and their passion and devotion were sensible.  The audience was great too, and obviously the man on the stage enjoyed the gig as much as his audience.  You can tell from the tracks he really likes what he is doing.  On the stage he is charismatic as always, but his performance no longer carries some excessive suggestion that makes him sort of unreal or too much like a pop star.  Perhaps in some way, Brett Anderson is still a man with a certain “halo,” a halo made by his unique voice and talent.  But now he is more like a person who loves music than a star formed by the media and record company.  I am really happy for him and his passion about music is so influential that it makes me want to have that kind of passion too.  I hope I can have the passion about future and all the unknown choices, or have the courage to step down the path that I dare not to choose previously.

It’s bit late now and I want to finish this blog with Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight.”  It’s a perfect track to close the day and to describe how I feel about Anderson’s live. It also reminds me of Suede’s “Saturday Night.” What an interesting coincidence.



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