High School Life Is Never An Easy A (2011)

Yes, I was misled by the Chinese translation of the movie title (破處女王) and hesitated about renting it in the DVD rental shop a few weeks ago.  Still I watched it on HBO this morning and I enjoyed its cleverness.  It is also thought-provoking as it touches issues like peer pressure and people’s reaction to it.  When it is mingled with virginity, sex, bullying, and religion, things become more complicated and it really takes time to think what should be done to make high school a better place.

The heroine of the film, Olive Penderghast is an ordinary high school student. One day, she lied to her friend about the loss of her virginity. This little lie seems to help her win more attentions from her peers, and she even uses this  to help some other boys in school.  Soon this small lie turns against her and she is isolated.  However, bad things can never be so bad in a young adult film, there is still a nice guy named Todd and he knows the true Olive and is not affected by the gossip.  And you can imagine how the story will go in the end.

Watching young adult movies from time to time, I am glad I don’t have to attend an American high school and bear all these pressures. Looking back to my teenage life, there was a time I was slightly isolated by some classmates, but it didn’t last long. Shortly afterwards I found my own way to spend my leisure so I was not worried about being alone.  As for the recognition from others, honestly, I’m still struggling with it. It really takes time to figure out the proper distance between yourself and others and learn not to be affected too much by others.  But we all need to go through the time that we haven’t found it and felt troubled.  For those who have suffered in high school, I can only hope you’ve finally got rid of those bad memories many years later.

Before knowing what the movie is about, I just wanted to know what character Amanda Bynes is playing in it, as it’s really been a long time since I saw her in Hairspray. The answer is not pleasing as she is playing an obnoxious, religious, and self-righteous schoolgirl with a Christian background.  She has her regular fellowship life, but she gossips around, gives careless and harsh judgments to Olive, and even prays to God to send Olive away.  It is sad that these Christ followers only leave such an embarrassing impression to the public.  This is not the occasion where the verse “they don’t know what they are doing/saying” should be applied.  It should be noted that Jesus detests hypocrisy and self-righteousness.  It is really a long way to go for the followers of Jesus to accomplish the mission they are given.  And there is no exception for me.


Easy A is a 2010 film written by Bert V. Royal and directed by Will Gluck.

Enjoy the Official Trailer and Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, and maybe “viewers discretion is advised" in some way.




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