Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion (阿珠與阿花)

不知道是不是因為年紀漸長的緣故,以前拍的電影總是比較吸引我。《阿珠與阿花》是一部90年代的電影,但是卻充滿著對80年代的懷念。電影的原聲帶包含了許多80年代的暢銷歌曲,而那些歌也是我記憶中大學生活的一部分。那時的我可以看一個早上的MTV音樂台或Channel V都不覺得煩,而以前有一陣子這兩個頻道也有一個小時的時間會播出80年代的熱門歌。不曉得那時有沒有其他人也喜歡這個節目,但是如果現在還有的話,我想我還是會很喜歡。我覺得老歌的魅力在於它的歷史感。它保存了過去曾經風靡一時、具有代表性的音樂風格,所以每次聽到的時候,它會將人帶離當下,並在幾分鐘裡面帶你到另一個時間和空間裡。這真是又美好又經濟的心靈旅行。

好啦,「那些年」懷念夠了。回來說到電影。其實這部片我以前早就看過了,但是沒甚麼感覺。現在比較老了,電影的故事比較能觸動到我,我也能夠了解同學會帶來的壓力、自卑感、以及奮力追求別人的認同這些事情。在西方社會,把個人的成就等同於個人的價值是很普遍的觀念,早在金融危機橫掃全球之前,每個人對未來都很樂觀,對於成功也很狂熱。現在看來,Romy和Michelle代表了比我們更早的一代,沒有成就甚麼特別的大事,並且被世俗成功的觀念所綑綁。所以這是為什麼她們想要在同學面前假裝有錢而且事業有成。不過最後,她們總算擺脫這種觀念而能自得其樂,也以原來的自己為樂。我最喜歡的一段是她們隨著Cyndi Lauper的歌曲Time After Time跳了一段舞。我沒有想過這首歌會適合作為跳舞音樂,不過其實那比較像是在表達她們自己。也許她們的舞看起來有點怪怪的,但她們就是這個樣子。

I wonder if this is because I am getting older or something: old movies get more of my attentions nowadays. Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion (阿珠與阿花) is a movie from the 90s yet with a nostalgia for the 1980s. The movie soundtracks include a bunch of 80′s pop songs, which is part of my memory of the college day. At the time I could watch MTV channel or Channel V for a morning and never got tired of it, and there was a time they would have an hour playing those 80′s hits. I don’t know if there was anyone who loved the show then, but if there would still be a show like that today, it would still be my favorite. I think the attraction of an old song comes from its historical sense. Just as it keeps the music style that was typical, popular in the old time, so whenever you hear it, it takes you out of the present time and bring you to another time and space for a few minutes. This is a wonderful and a cost- economic trip for the mind.

Okay, enough good old days. Let’s get back to the movie. I watched it before but didn’t feel too much about it. Now as I grow older, the story touches me more and I can understand the pressure of a reunion, the sense of inferiority, and the striving effort to win other people’s approval.  The equation of personal value and personal achievement is prevalent in the western society, and before the time a financial crisis comes to sweep the world, everybody is so positive about the future and have obsession in success. From hindsight Romy and Michelle represent an early generation that do not achieve anything big and suffer from the concept of worldly success. That’s why they are trying to pretend they are rich and successful. In the end they finally get rid of this concept and are happy with themselves again, enjoying the way they are. My favorite part of the movie is the scene where they dance to Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time. I never thought the song could be good for a dance, but it is more like a self expression. The dance may be a little eerie but that’s just the way they are.




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