The Art of Getting By (彩繪愛情)


《彩繪愛情》講的是George Zinavoy(Freddie Highmore飾)的故事,他是一個高三的學生。他其實具有學習能力,也很聰明,但就是不想寫作業,因為他覺得既然人有一天都要死,寫作業實在沒甚麼意義。他小時候曾經讀到一句話,深深影響了他:「我們各自出生,各自死去,一切都只是幻影。」不過,當他遇上了Sally這位可愛迷人的女同學(Emma Robert飾),這個隱藏的信念便受到了考驗。本來,生命與未來這些事就已經困擾著George,對人產生好感則是帶來更多的困惑,更不用說他對母親與繼父的感受。爾後,畢業的壓力與父母的離異使得他不得不採取行動來積極面對自己的人生,先前的困惑也不再那麼煩人了。

很高興看到Freddie Highmore長大了,成為一個成熟的演員。很多年輕的演員都很難在螢光幕前長大成人;有人可能快三十歲了都還在演高中生。我想Freddie應該不會有這個問題,我也很期待他未來的作品。這部電影的導演暨編劇Gavin Wiesen也是電影界的新手。從下面的訪談連結中,可以看到他對電影的熱情,以及對於後續作品的期望。這部初試啼聲之作即使並未受到矚目,不過其實也已經很不錯了。我相信等到這部電影開始在電視上播的時候,還會再引發另一波的關注。

One day as I walked past the DVD rental shop near my house, the poster of this movie caught my attention right from the moment I saw it.  The leading actor and actress are so young and that sort of reminds me of my age.   I don’t feel depressed about this but have to admit that my teenager years are very long ago already.

The Art of Getting By is a movie about George Zinavoy (Freddie Highmore), who is a senior in high school.  Apparently he is capable and bright, but he refuses to do any homework as he thinks it is meaningless since “we’re all gonna die someday.”  Some quote he read in the early age deeply affects him: “We live alone, we die alone, everything else is just an illusion.”  This secret belief is being tested when George meets Sally (Emma Roberts), a lovely, charming girl in school.   With confusion about life and future already, having feelings for someone brings about more confusion to George, not to mention how he feels about his step father and his mother.   Later on, when the pressure of graduation and the separation of his parents force him to take some actions to face his own life, all those confusions are not that bothering as they used to be.

I am glad to see Freddie Highmore have grown up and become a mature adult actor.  A lot of young actors and actresses have problems growing up on the screen actually; some may still play a high school student when he or she is nearly thirty years old.  But I think Freddie will have no problem with this and I am looking forward to his work in the future.  Gavin Wiesen, the director and writer of the film, is also a newcomer in the film industry.  From the interview below you can see his passion in filmmaking and expectation of future works.  His first try may not attract too much public attentions, but it is a really nice try and I am sure the film will get more attention when it starts to be broadcast on the movie channel.

The official trailer of The Art of Getting By:

Interview with Gavin Wiesen on The Art of Getting By:




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