The Iron Lady (鐵娘子)




Judging from the poster, one may think that The Iron Lady will just present Ms. Thatcher as an outstanding politician and a successful career woman.  The movie goes further than this and gives a more balanced picture of the Iron Lady.  On the way to 10th Dowing Street, she sacrifices a better relationship with her family.  The movie deals with her political life with the same attitude.  It just describes the critical events in her career and leaves the judgment to audience.   By juxtaposing Ms. Thatcher’s life in the past and present, the movie shows the Iron Lady is still a human.

Whether it is close to the reality or not, the portrayal of Ms. Thatcher’s retired life is impressive. I am curious about how she feels about it.  Is it worth making all those sacrifices and having a retired life like this?  She believes that people have to live a life with value, and the public service is of great value to her.  Does she have no regret with her choice? I hope there is an address so that I can write to her and ask her some questions.  I really want to know how to make a choice that I will have no regret with.

Besides the real Ms. Thatcher, the lady who plays Ms. Thatcher is also a remarkable woman.  As her long-time fans, I am glad to see her effort receives the recognition  from both the public and the members of the AMPAS.  As always, I’m looking forward to her next film.




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