Suede/Brett Anderson

Suede, “Barriers”

Although the news about Suede’s new album has been known for a while, the release of their new single marks their return with a more tangible promise.   It has been more than a decade since their last album, so hearing their new single feels like meeting someone you thought you never had a chance to  meet again.  To my surprise the song can be downloaded online for free, but I think that is a clever way to collect the public receptions as well as to know the possible market for the band.

Upon listening to the song, I’ve found  “Barriers” does not signal the return of Suede with the gloomy atmosphere that is usually associated to the band’s music.  The uplifting drumbeats throughout the song remind me that Suede is a rock band.  They once ventured to explore the edge of music and now they start again, undaunted as usual. It also makes me think of the paintings of Mr. Chu Teh-Chun: no matter what colors he is using, he always leaves certain space in white or yellow to create the light.  As the first single for Suede’s upcoming album, “Barriers” comes to shed some light on their return.  The exploration of an appropriate expression in music will remain a lifelong topic for the band, but with the release of “Barriers," it seems Suede are ready to come back, bringing something different together with something familiar.

Welcome back, gentlemen.

Listen to “Barriers”  Online:

A brief news article about “Barrier”:

The Paintings of Chu Teh-Chun:



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