Suede/Brett Anderson

Suede, “Always”

I finally decided to buy Bloodsports today.  For a person who is currently between jobs and the financial income can only rely on person saving, this is not an easy decision.  However, after I have realized now should be a time for me to focus on what I really want for myself and find out what I like, I think making this decision is not a bad thing for me. 

I don’t know if any person will be led to this blog by any web search engine, but if you do, nice to meet you and you are meeting another Asian Suede fan .  Their last Asia tour helped me rediscover my passion and preference to this band.  I am really glad that they start all over again.  Something about them may have already lost on the way, like the leaving of  Bernard Butler, or Anderson’s early vocal and appearance, but also something about them are new, like now they can finally be introduced and be taken as a rock band.  Music comes first and what they have presented so far, from a fan’s unfair point of view, is great and enjoyable.

This track “Always" is wonderful, not just for Anderson’s vocal but also for Richard’s guitar.  While it is playing, I imagine the band is playing it in the wilderness under a downcast sky.

I do hope there can be a touring schedule in Asia again.   Although Taiwan is far away from Europe, their music has already overcome the geographical and cultural distance.  No matter where they are now, the wild crowd here will always give them a hearty welcome when they comes.



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