Suede, “No Holding Back”

I am surprised to find this track on youtube and it’s a really good.  The beginning of it reminds me of “Killing of a Flash Boy,” another Suede’s song that starts with drum beats, but it is still very different as the melody sounds more straight forward and easy listening.  Every time when I listen to Brett singing I just cannot stop thinking that he must work hard on protecting his voice and staying in shape.  Aging is not a problem to him.  It just makes him different in a good way.  His voice still carries the youthful energy and passion about music, and that is wonderful.  It is good to see him and the band doing so well and hope we can see them regularly in the future.




Living at the corner of the (Third) world, the blogger herself is still in the middle of experiencing the wonder (or shock) of life. 太平洋的小島上的一位無名人氏。至今仍然在體驗生命中的各樣驚奇(或驚嚇)。


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