Truth about Happy Ever After: Before Midnight (愛在午夜希臘時)

before-midnight-image   When I first knew the movie was shooting/finished shooting last year, I was surprised but also happy that we can see the lovely couple again.   Finally, the movie is in theater, but it takes me a while to adjust myself to the mood of a movie-goer, as that part of me has  been left aside since I left school.  I don’t know if this is because I am getting old or something, I cannot make a quick decision about things like watching a movie.  I will wonder if this is a good choice, if the movie is good, if the theater is good, if it will take me a long time to go to the theater, etc.  Even to a movie like Before Midnight, a movie I have long been waiting for, I still have that kind of hesitation.
After thinking about it for a few days, after I finally finish my work, I went to see it yesterday, and I found out that was the most correct decision I made yesterday.  I went to see it alone, just as I went to see the previous two alone.  I am happy for those who can find someone to share the trilogy with, but for me, I always take it as a personal movie and I prefer to watch it by myself.

So Jessie and Celine are in their forties now, and they have been married for 8 years.  They have a pair of twin daughters, and Jessie’s son Hank is a teenager.   Nine years really is a long time and many things can change, but will their relationship stay fresh?  The Before trilogy is based on characters and their interaction, so I can’t say too much to spoil the fun.  I can only say that Before Midnight is really a smart sequel.  Although the main characters are still Jessie and Celine, they are in a different stage of life.  As parents and married couple, their lives become more complicated, and all the decisions they are making are getting harder.   Compared to those decisions involved in the film, the decision about watching a movie is very small in its degree of influence.  These decisions can be really critical because they are no longer just about themselves; these decisions will affect the people around them and the relationship between them.   As all other married couples, Jessie and Celine also have disagreement, complaint, and fight, but I just love their way of dealing with conflict.  Even in that kind of unpleasant moment, they still continue to communicate in their own way (for Jessie the novelist, he uses a very creative way to do it)  and from that we can see this is a couple still in love with each other.  What will happen to Jessie and Celine nine years later? I don’t know, but I think it will be fun for the production team to launch a script contest about “Jessie and Celine in their 50s" and then they can pick up those parts they like from the contestant’s works and making them into a movie… (but  what will be the movie title? Sunrise, sunset, midnight, all have been used…)

I still remember nine years ago I bought and read the script of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.  While I was reading it, there was a slight disappointment  growing inside me as I suddenly realized that the story of Jessie and Celine is a fiction.  It is so skillfully written that makes me forget it is fictional.  But right now I feel okay with it, and I really marvel at the creativity of Richard, Ethan and Julie.  They have made this lowest growing trilogy and they have made this trilogy such a brilliant, creative cinematic works.  As audience, who actually is making no contribution to the movie production, I even feel great and proud that I can share the team’s creativity by watching it.  Isn’t this just as magical as the trilogy?

I feel close to you…but sometimes I don’t know, I feel like you are breathing helium and I’m breathing oxygen. 

What makes you say that? 




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