On the Road Again

Today is a remarkable day for my room cleaning.  I finally decided what to do with my old diaries.  I separated all the covers from the rest of the pages, I split the pages into sections, and finally I sent the scattered sections into my paper shredder.   Eight books of diaries, recording my life in college and graduate school, were torn to shreds in an hour.  It may sound crazy to do that to one’s diaries, but I think I have cherished them for a very long time already.  The mistakes I once made, the honor I once had, the sorrow or happiness I once experienced, all of these are insignificant or irrevocable now.  I can hardly feel anything about them .  Watching my diaries from eight books to two bags of paper pieces is amazing.  Even though they are gone, they have already told me I had a fruitful and wonderful years then.  All the efforts I had paid back in the days, almost in all aspects of life, did not bring the outcomes as I wanted.  But over the years I have accepted the fact and appreciated the labor.  Some parts of these diaries had already been picked up and put into some personal collection.  With that I think I have enough materials to recall my good old days.

So now, leaving only few records of the past, I would like to accumulate new memories and have new stories to tell.  Like the song said, I can’t wait to get on the road again.

Wellie Nelson, “On the Road Again": 





Living at the corner of the (Third) world, the blogger herself is still in the middle of experiencing the wonder (or shock) of life. 太平洋的小島上的一位無名人氏。至今仍然在體驗生命中的各樣驚奇(或驚嚇)。



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