The Boy is Back

boy-george_2702796kNear the end of 2013, it is really a surprise (or a miracle) that Boy George looks so fabulous.  At the age of fifty two, he’s still got a nice voice and sings really well.   The new single really, like he said in some interview, reminds me of how I first got notice of him, my high school days when I first heard “Crying Game" on the radio.  Just because of his wonderful voice, his fancy outfit and sexuality has never been a problem to me.  Those notorious incidents made me feel sorry for him, as I always think and believe his voice has really got something that moves people.

I’ve already got his the new album “This is What I Do" via itune and it’s a great album for those who like him or don’t know him yet.   In some way it brings back the memory of Culture Club, but it is still different as now this is a brand-new George singing with a mature voice.  His voice is of course different but it’s different in a good way.  But the point is really about his great outlook bringing back the impression of that lovely George.  I am not saying appearance is everything, but maybe for him, who used to be so glamorous, appearance is still something.  So after all these years, he is telling us that he still cares.   That’s really goooooooood news, I am almost in tears….thank you, George, for coming back.




Living at the corner of the (Third) world, the blogger herself is still in the middle of experiencing the wonder (or shock) of life. 太平洋的小島上的一位無名人氏。至今仍然在體驗生命中的各樣驚奇(或驚嚇)。


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