End of 2013

As the last day of 2013 arrives, it will always make you feel different even though you feel nothing at first.   At this day, cleaning your room and taking out the garbage comes so natural and easy.  At this day, celebrating and partying seem so natural no matter how bad you feel about this year.  And you will still be hopeful for the year to come, you want to make plans and resolutions and just put aside the thoughts whether these are gonna work–at least for a moment.

At such a special day, my life was normal, but I was glad I saw the sunlight.  Finally, at the very end of 2013, it’s a sunny day.  That’s pretty encouraging. As long as the sun has not yet exploded, and we’re still alive, we will still see it.

2014 is within reach in less than 2 hours.  Which song can represent how I feel about New Year’s Eve?  I choose “Coming out of the Dark" from Gloria Estefan.  It means a lot to me as this is the first of her songs that I know. It means a lot to her because it’s released after that serious accident almost taking her life. It reminds me of how she came back to the stage after all that happened.  A good song that makes you hopeful for the unknown future.

So bye-bye 2013. Welcome, 2014.





Living at the corner of the (Third) world, the blogger herself is still in the middle of experiencing the wonder (or shock) of life. 太平洋的小島上的一位無名人氏。至今仍然在體驗生命中的各樣驚奇(或驚嚇)。



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