Something about Perfume

Lanvin’s Vetyver used to be one of my favorite fragrance, although it’s men’s fragrance. It’s very unique. I hardly find anything closer to it.

There was a time I was so crazy abut perfume.  I would feverishly search information online, go to local shops to get a test sheet for new fragrance, and I would even sneak in duty-free shops without having any flight tickets just for trying out perfumes.  This fragrance mania suddenly came to an end a few years ago, after I found the one I thought it would be my last one had some defect in its bottle design.  Unfortunately, the beautiful bottle was damaged by the perfume itself. That makes me realize nothing lasts forever, so then everything went back  to normal, and I never stepped into any shops again.  I would choose body lotion with more natural fragrance, or soap with some herb extracts, but never with any perfume from any brand.

It was only in recent weeks that I thought about getting a new fragrance and I visited some local shops. There were, of course, so many new fragrances, but I just went there to get what I want, which is this nice gentleman:

I know it’s Lanvin-Avant-Gardenot something new, and it’s a fragrance for men, but I think it smells like the first Anna Sui fragrance I used before, the one with a bottle of black and purple.  Really, the smell is almost similar, it is basically wooden with some sweetness close to caramel, although the Ad always give you a lot of profound names.  The smell brings back the memory about my fragrance mania period and other good memory.  Even if I don’t think I will use them so often like I did before, I feel it’s worth having it as kind of reminder, or something that can refresh me when I am tired at work.  It always makes me feel better.  The preference about fragrance is very subjective, so it is hard to describe why I like that kind of combination, the combination of wooden note plus sweet flavor.  It gives me an impression of someone that is mature,  reliable, and warm.  As a fragrance for men, I think it may be a little too sweet, because I would expect an “Avant Garde" for men to include smells like smoke or leather, something like that to make it less sweet.  But I am glad to get some fragrance I like after so many years.  It’s like getting back some part of you, no matter it’s good or bad, funny or strange, it’s just part of you.  I don’t think I want to be fragrance maniac again, but I am glad to revisit that part of me and the lovely smell.











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