Streams of Music and Streams of Late Night Mood: Late Night Tales

“Late Nigh Tales" is a series of compilation whose tracks are selected by some well-known artists.  Although each album includes music ranging from electronics to classics, all of them still connect to the late-night theme and create a very enjoyable, soothing mood going well together with nighttime. And usually the album will end with a story track, where a narrator is telling a story.

Recently I have picked up some recent Late Night Tales from iTunes and I am glad the series continues to release great albums over the years. I got the one made by Air (probably less known these days? They are an electronic group from France) and they even include Ravel’s classical tune “Pavane for a Dead Princessin the album, and that’s really a perfect tune for late evenings.  Another album I just got is from a Norwegian music group called Röyksopp.  I don’t know them at all but I think their selection is great.  There is song named “Rare Bird" and it’s really a nice song to be played in the night.





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