Duran Duran, “Ordinary World"

The second track I love from Duran Duran…I don’t why I haven’t heard any of their works before until now.  When I was still in college, I loved watching the 80 retro show from MTV and that’s how I came to know a few 80’s UK bands like Culture Club, Eurythmics, Human League,  Tears for Fear, and of course, Wham.  But I don’t know, I never saw the show playing anything from Duran Duran, or maybe, I just missed them. The lyrics of the song really speak to me: “as I try to make my way/ to the ordinary world/I will learn to survive"  But, have I really learned the way to survive?  Sometimes I think I still don’t get it, or I just refuse to accept certain kinds of ways.




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