Suede, “Heroine” (translation)

Suede的歌詞應該都是Brett Anderson寫的,裡面常有很多謎團,到底在講什麼意思可能連外國人也不知道。這樣的歌詞品質到底是好是壞,native speaker之間看法分歧(可能看你吃不吃他這一套遣詞用字、是不是他們的粉絲),就更輪不到英文並非母語的人來說三道四。不過把一團迷霧從英文搬到中文,還是滿有趣的,同時也充滿挑戰性,這給我一次機會也來製造一團迷霧。Anderson寫這首歌的時候才二十來歲,年輕氣盛,而且應該還在毒海沉淪尚未回頭的階段,文字中處處讓人感受一種狂熱和執著。我還複製不出他那種誇張的語氣,我自己不是一個習慣這樣用字的人,而且從性別來說,我跟他的觀看角度是相反的。所以在這裡再製出來的,只能算是一縷輕煙吧。 繼續閱讀


Suede, “No Holding Back”

I am surprised to find this track on youtube and it’s a really good.  The beginning of it reminds me of “Killing of a Flash Boy,” another Suede’s song that starts with drum beats, but it is still very different as the melody sounds more straight forward and easy listening.  Every time when I listen to Brett singing I just cannot stop thinking that he must work hard on protecting his voice and staying in shape.  Aging is not a problem to him.  It just makes him different in a good way.  His voice still carries the youthful energy and passion about music, and that is wonderful.  It is good to see him and the band doing so well and hope we can see them regularly in the future.

Suede, “Always”

I finally decided to buy Bloodsports today.  For a person who is currently between jobs and the financial income can only rely on person saving, this is not an easy decision.  However, after I have realized now should be a time for me to focus on what I really want for myself and find out what I like, I think making this decision is not a bad thing for me.  繼續閱讀