Nils Frahm – 4’33″

最近把收錄了這首曲子的專輯拿出來聽。Nil Frahm是一位德國的鋼琴家及作曲家,前幾年還來過台灣演出。先前是透過 Nil Frahm 所操刀的其中一張《Late Night Tales》系列合輯而稍微接觸了一下這位鋼琴家的作品。《Late Night Tales》是英國獨立唱片廠牌 Night Time Stories旗下的一個系列音樂合輯。專輯中收錄的歌曲以及氣氛,與標題中的Late Night意象總是相互輝映,而每一輯也都會請到創作人或樂團來挑選歌曲。歌曲的類型也十分多元,從電子樂、民謠、搖滾樂到古典音樂都有,到最後通常會以一個故事的朗讀版作結,有著深夜聽人說書的趣味。

這首〈4’33″〉是 《Late Night Tales: Nils Frahm》專輯開頭的第一首,由於影片上寫著Cover Version的緣故,查了一下才知道原來美國現代音樂家約翰凱吉( John Cage) 有一首挑戰大眾思維的〈四分三十三秒〉(4’33″),在下面這個「鋼琴版」當中,演奏者從頭到尾都沒有演奏任何一個音,只是靜靜坐著,偶爾有些動作,所謂的「音樂」就來自整個周邊的環境。這樣奇特的體驗,倒是讓我想到〈Enjoy the Silence〉那首歌。如果你能從頭安安靜靜聽到尾,就表示你真的懂得「享受寂靜」。 繼續閱讀 Nils Frahm – 4’33″


Streams of Music and Streams of Late Night Mood: Late Night Tales

“Late Nigh Tales" is a series of compilation whose tracks are selected by some well-known artists.  Although each album includes music ranging from electronics to classics, all of them still connect to the late-night theme and create a very enjoyable, soothing mood going well together with nighttime. And usually the album will end with a story track, where a narrator is telling a story.

Recently I have picked up some recent Late Night Tales from iTunes and I am glad the series continues to release great albums over the years. I got the one made by Air (probably less known these days? They are an electronic group from France) and they even include Ravel’s classical tune “Pavane for a Dead Princessin the album, and that’s really a perfect tune for late evenings.  Another album I just got is from a Norwegian music group called Röyksopp.  I don’t know them at all but I think their selection is great.  There is song named “Rare Bird" and it’s really a nice song to be played in the night.