Norah Jones – Flipside

這首名為 Flipside 的歌曲,是諾拉瓊絲(Norah Jones)新專輯《破曉》(Day Breaks)裡面,唯一一首沒甚麼爵士味道的歌曲,可是我覺得很有個性,像她前兩張專輯的味道(不過其他的爵士歌曲也是很棒的)。因為想看歌詞以及歌詞翻譯所以買了CD,但是在看過歌詞翻譯以及原來的歌詞之後,覺得要翻譯的話,文字應該再簡潔一點,因為本來歌詞的字數和行文方式就已經頗為精煉,字數太多好像會少一點韻律感。 繼續閱讀 Norah Jones – Flipside


Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts

其實今天是諾拉瓊絲(Norah Jones)的睽違已久的新專輯《Day breaks》的發行日,剛才稍微在iTune上試聽,感覺上似乎回到比較早之前、爵士風的曲子多一點。上一張專輯《Little Broken Hearts》雖然是買來聽過了,但是那時覺得它和09年那一張《The Fall》給我的感覺相差很大,當時會覺得太冷調了一點,所以後來沒有把CD留著。不過,最近在iTune上重新買一次(我有時會做這種浪費錢的事),聽了又覺得其實也還不錯,在近日的早晨聽起來覺得剛剛好。有如此的改變,可能也是因為自己聽音樂的喜好也有所改變了。這讓我想起以前在別的網站曾認識某位網友,她對於自己喜歡的歌手都是支持的,就算哪一張她沒有很喜歡,她還是會買下來,因為也許以後再聽感覺會不同。

從專輯的同名曲〈Little Broken Hearts〉當中可以感受到,專輯的主要風格走向其實跟她以前的暢銷歌曲給大家的印象非常不同。這樣的改變有人可能會覺得有驚喜,也有人可能會覺得難以接受。不過我覺得她曾經去嘗試並且呈現在大眾的面前,也很有勇氣。現在她又回來彈鋼琴了,但是希望她也別忘了偶爾彈彈吉他。


說起來,先前會常常注意電影配樂的理由,除了喜歡音樂之外,另一個比較實際一點的原因是希望能藉此激發寫作靈感。前一篇提到的《黑勢力》(Black Mass)配樂的確讓我很有感覺,原本覺得也許可以幫助我發展一個我一直無法下筆的想法,不過可惜還是卡住了。《慾謀》(Stoker)的電影配樂也很神秘及豐富,但好像跟那個故事的氣氛還是有點不太一樣,所以到現在還是甚麼都沒有寫。雖然一直很想完全不管它好了,可是有時候心裡還是會不甘心,懷疑這是否真的是個不行的點子… 繼續閱讀 無解的事

Homecoming: Ian McEwan, “Atonement”

It’s been a while since my last blog about Atonement.  A few weeks later, I am still reading it and there is no sign of finishing it in a couple days.  It is unusual that I spend more than a month on a single book. As I take my time to savor every word or sentence of it, it attracts me all the more and I don’t want to finish it too soon.  When I read the book I need to consult my dictionary frequently, but I never tire out because I am thrilled by these little and quiet discoveries about words.

The second part of Atonement portrays Robbie Turner’s life on the battlefield, especially during the Dunkirk Evacuation. As the operation is to send the British Army back to their homeland, this collective homecoming parallels Robbie’s yearning to reunite with Cecilia.  The way to the beach of Dunkirk is full of life-threatening obstacles: Stuka attacks, bombs, bees, a major that still wants to fight, lack of water, and the inflamed blister unattended.  What sustains Robbie is everything related to Cecilia: the moment in the library, their letter exchanges with special code of love, the brief meeting before the war, and Cecillia’s letter carrying a promise to wait.  Although he is not willing to forgive Briony, his hatred does not lead him to any harmful actions.  As Cecillia becomes his only reason to live, this strong longing leaves no room for revenge.

I really enjoy this part about the wartime.  Even if everyone lives under such an inhuman state, people still have compassion toward other people.  On the way to their destination, Robbie and his companions buried an unknown boy and rescued a soldier that was being bullied.  All these make the battlefield a place that still shines with certain positivity.

At the end of the second part, Robbie is sleepy and his consciousness is mingled with his memory of the past.  Before arriving home, he is already at home: he is thinking of Cecillia again.

There is a song from Brett Anderson that’s called Back to You. When I listen to its lyrics, it reminds me of Robbie Turner, who may be chanting something like this by heart.  And Norah Jones has a song named Waiting, and the lyrics resonates with Cecillia’s promise to Robbie: I’ll wait for you. Come back.