Tom Hiddleston Reads Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18

Weekend poetry time…Shakespeare’s sonnets remind me of the school days when I had to read them for school and graduate school entrance exam. About sonnet 18, there is a memory about listening to a teacher explaining the whole sonnet in a splendid way and feeling totally marveled, but now I can’t remember anything he said. Nor can I understand what the sonnet is saying now. Probably I’m like some of Tom’s fans just paying attention to his voice rather than figuring out what the meaning is, but I do love listening to human voices: different voices, different “textures" of human voices you can say. That’s why I spend lots of time on YouTube just to listen.  Is there any career that can make money by just listening to people’s voices, please tell me.  Thank you!

週末來讀點詩吧。莎士比亞的十四行詩會讓我想到以前為了課業和研究所考試而讀的就學時光。關於第18首的個人回憶,就是我聽過一個老師在課堂上的精彩解析讓我覺得好厲害,不過現在我怎麼也想不起來他說過甚麼了。而且現在看著詩句,也不太清楚這內容到底在講甚麼了。可能,我也跟Tom的粉絲一樣都只注意他的聲音,完全不理會內容。不過我真的是滿喜歡聽各種不同質地的聲音的,所以我常常花很多時間在 YouTube上面聽。有甚麼工作可以只靠聽人家的聲音賺錢?想到的人可以跟我說。 繼續閱讀 Tom Hiddleston Reads Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18